You’ve seen the film “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer.”  Now what? Well, we want viewers to become doers by putting L.O.V.E. into action in tangible ways (L.O.V.E. = Learn about others, Open your heart to their needs, Volunteer yourself to be part of the solution in their life and Empower others to do the same).

Here’s an idea about how to put L.O.V.E. into action in your community. We are encouraging people who have seen our film, or have been to our workshop or conference to team up on garden and art projects to create lasting, living monuments to unity in the community. We hope to inspire L.O.V.E. gardens and public art projects in all 50 states!

Help in the creation of a L.O.V.E. Is The Answer garden and art project in your community.  Something special happens when people in a community come together to create a garden.

Imagine a garden built for young people to learn how to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices. They’ll learn about responsibility and management and so much more.

Now imagine that garden being designed and built by peace officers, young people and old people — all coming together to learn from each other, help each other grow, help each other heal, and empower our young people for a brighter future!

Now imagine at the center of that garden is a beautiful piece of art made from materials donated by everyone in the neighborhood, with all the pieces spelling out the giant letters L.O.V.E. and a plaque at the base of it sharing the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer principles of Learning about each other, Opening our hearts to each other, Volunteering to be part of the solution in each other’s life, and Empowering others to do the same.

Now imagine in front of those L.O.V.E. letters there is a small area for educational talks, spoken word, acoustic music performances by neighborhood artists and other activities that can bring people together for positive, community-building experiences.

Now imagine helping to make that possible in an area that needs hope, needs community and needs love.

Now tell a friend — and get to work to make it happen. We’re here to help if you need it, like with ideas about how to use our film to raise funds for your garden and art project. Don’t forget to send photos of the garden being built and share your success stories with us so that we can inspire others to follow in your footsteps.